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In the Senior Rabbi's Study

Mussar with Rabbi Linda

Mussar is a Jewish spiritual practice that brings together text study, self-reflection, and conversation in the service of cultivating personal growth, with respect to personal attributes (midot) such as patience, gratitude, equanimity, generosity, zeal, mindfulness, and many more.  The goal is to help us achieve greater wholeness and goodness.

If you are interested in joining a monthly BI Mussar group, please contact Rabbi Linda.

Mussar is offered once a month at Beth Israel in the daytime, and once a month in the evening on Zoom.

Meditation Through a Jewish Lens with Rabbi Linda

Curious about meditation? Rabbi Linda leads a monthly meditation session for beginners and experienced meditators alike.

The day and times of this move around to accommodate different schedules. Please consult the BI calendar and emails for dates.

Beit Midrash on Wednesday Evenings with Rabbinic Intern, Nora Chernov

Once a month we’ll get together in the sanctuary for some old fashioned learning on contemporary issues. Our rabbinic intern, Nora Chernov, will be the main teacher but our Rabbis and members of our congregation will also teach. Following some introductory remarks, we’ll sit and study with a chevruta (study partner), exploring translations of fascinating and relevant texts. If there are topics or texts that you’d like to explore, please send ideas to R. Linda, Nora Chernov, or Marion Hamermesh.

Mon, May 27 2024 19 Iyyar 5784