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Subscribe to the Beth Israel calendar

Here are a couple of examples for how to subscribe to the Congregation Beth Israel of Media calendar.  To find out specifics or updates, do an online search for "Subscribe to ics calendar in [your device/calendar platform]"  Directions for syncing to Android devices were created by ShulCloud and adapted by Beth Israel. 

See below for directions on syncing to Android/Google Calendar, iOS, Microsoft Outlook, or other calendar platforms.

Syncing to Beth Israel's calendar on an Android device:

  1. Go to Beth Israel's Calendar and click 'More Filters/Views' on the top right.
    Choose the Export/WebCal layout and then iCal/WebCal Export:
    save image
  2. After clicking on "Setup iCal", you will have the options of choosing which calendars and what information to sync over to your calendar:
    save image
  3. Once you have chosen the filters you are interested in syncing over, you will highlight and copy the text in the box to paste into your Google calendar.  For Apple devices, Outlook, or other options, click on the appropriate link.

    save image
  4. then you would go to your Google calendars tab in your Google account and click on the settings option under the cog on the top:
     save image
  5. click Add Calendar on the right to expand the options and select From URL 
    save image
  6. Then paste the copied URL from ShulCloud here:
    save image
  7. You will then find the Calendar on the bottom right next to any other Calendars you have synced with Google 
    save image

For Apple iOS devices:

Follow step 1 on your iPhone or iPad.  For Step 2. (Get Link), click on the Add to iPhone/iPad link, and your device should take it from there.

For Outlook (desktop version) calendars:

Follow step 1 on your computer.  For Step 2. (Get Link), click on the Add to Outlook (Desktop Version) link, and then open the downloaded link using Outlook, which should import the calendar feed into Outlook.

For other devices using iCal calendar feeds:

Follow step 1.  For Step 2. (Get Link), click on the Download iCal File link, and follow your device's directions to subscribe to the calendar.

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