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Board of Directors

Beth Israel has an amazing group of dedicated staff and volunteers who do everything from managing the facilities to running programs. Here is our 2020 to 2021 Board of Directors. An asterisk (*) designates a member of the Executive Committee.

Elected Positions

President - Lynn Cashell (2019-2021)*

Executive Vice President,  Chair of Strategic Planning Committee - Emma Lefkowitz (2019-2021)*

Financial Vice President,  Chair of Finance Committee - Steve Goldfield (2020-2022)*

Communications Vice President - Jennifer Waterston (2019-2021)*

Members at Large - Nancy Blank, Kim Dumoff, Steve Friedman, Jackie Gelman

Immediate Past President - Joyce Romoff

Committee Chairs and Other Positions

Membership Committee Co-Chairs - Dina Jacobs, Susan Robinson

Education Committee Co-Chairs - Lisa Blaskey DeCamp, Moriah Spector

Religious Practices Committee Chair - Larry Hamermesh

Adult Education Committee Co-Chairs - Rich Remenick, Marion Hamermesh

Social Action Committee Chair - John Greenstine

Facilities Co-Coordinators - Ron Romoff, Chris Pragman

Rep. from Council of Past Presidents - Josh Waterston

Tue, January 19 2021 6 Shevat 5781