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As part of its vision to be a welcoming congregation, Beth Israel recognizes the importance of supporting and including people with disabilities and their families into our communal life. We understand, just as the mishnah teaches, "it is not up to you to complete the task, nor are you free to desist from it (Avot, 2:16) that this work of creating an accessible space is ongoing, and we will continue to create improvements and adaptations in the future. Nevertheless, our congregation has taken some important steps towards inclusion and accessibility for all. We have installed the following features at Beth Israel, and we are always open to your feedback and suggestions as well.


1. Our parking area contains multiple handicapped spaces.

2. Our main entrance doors are each wide enough and suitable for wheelchairs and walkers with low-lift over doorsills. All exterior doors have also been newly replaced to provide the same type of accessibility.

3. We have gently-sloped driveways that lead to and from a covered entry portico, all of which are navigable by wheelchairs and walkers.

4. Access to the sanctuary and offices are unhindered by stairs and elevators.

5. The Bimah is directly accessible, with relatively low-rise stairs and a ramp allowing individuals to enter.

6. Our outdoor area, where we hold Sukkot activities, summer services, barbecues, access to raised flower beds and more, is directly accessible from the parking area behind the synagogue and on the same level.

7. We have a sanctuary-level, first floor handicap accessible toilet.


1. An audio loop listening system is active for all sanctuary services to aid hearing disabilities. We offer comfortable, Walkman-style headsets, as well as a system that will pipe the audio directly into hearing aids that have a telecoil. 

2. Zoom conferencing with captioning is widely used in our religious services, committee, and adult education meetings for remote participation from home.

3. Web audio streaming is provided for all sanctuary services to allow housebound individuals to listen.


1. Magnifying devices are available to borrow during services.

2. The synagogue is an open plan to accommodate better sight lines.


1. Our kosher kitchen contains food specifically labeled with ingredients to accommodate persons with sensitive food allergies.

2. All indoor areas have full HVAC coverage and ventilation.

Mon, May 27 2024 19 Iyyar 5784