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Omer Project 2021 / 5781

The Omer is the period outlined in the Torah in which we count each day between Passover (March 28) and Shavuot (May 17). In 2021, we decided to count these days in a new way.

Drawing on the kabbalistic (mystical) idea that each week of the Omer is connected to a different manifestation of the Divine, members shared a brief (3 minutes or so) video or audio contribution during the Omer. This contribution may be a piece of writing, talking about a work of art, a video of dance or movement, a song, or something else they were inspired to offer connecting to one of the manifestations of the Divine.

Week 1: Loving Kindness (Chesed)


Rabbi Linda shares about Loving Kindness



Week 2: Constraint (Gevurah)


Larry Hamermesh shares about Constraint

Week 3: Balance (Tiferet)


Marion Hamermesh shares about Balance 

Click here to see the graphic used in Marion's piece

Week 4: Endurance (Netzach)


Helena Landis shares about Endurance

Week 5: Beauty (Hod)


Geoff Horowitz shares about Beauty



Jill Whitcraft shares about Beauty (image from Farmer's Almanac)


Week 6: Generativity (Yesod)


Reisa Mukamal shares about Generativity



Emma (and Ruthie) Lefkowitz share about Generativity


Week 7: Immanence/Divine manifestation in the world (Malchut)


Lynn Cashell shares about Divine Manifestation



Allan Feldman shares about Divine manifestation



Jessie Reagen Mann shares about Divine Manifestation



Rabbi Nathan shares about Divine manifestation

Click here for text of Rabbi Nathan's poem

Picture credits:

Left: Omer counter on the last day of counting. Each color connects to one of the manifestations of the Divine. By Marion Hamermesh. Inspired by Juliet Spitzer.

Above: Wooden omer counter made by Joseph Kamm.

Mon, May 27 2024 19 Iyyar 5784