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Reconstructionist Judaism

For Reconstructionists, Judaism encompasses the entire cultural legacy of the Jewish people. Religion is central; Jewish spiritual insights, teachings and practices give meaning and purpose to our lives. Yet our creativity as expressed through art, music and drama, language and literature, and our relationship with the land of Israel itself are also integral parts of Jewish culture. Each of these provide a gateway into the Jewish experience that can enrich and inspire us.

Mordechai Kaplan, founder of Reconstructionist JudaismReconstructionist Judaism is respectful of traditional Jewish observances but also open to new interpretations and forms of religious expression. Reconstructionist communities are characterized by their respect for such core values as democratic process, pluralism, and accessibility. In this way, they create participatory, inclusive, egalitarian communities committed to exploring Jewish life with dedication, warmth and enthusiasm.

Reconstructionist Jews hold diverse ideas about God, but we share an emphasis on Godliness - those hopes, beliefs and values within us that impel us to work for a better world, give us strength and solace in times of need, challenge us to grow, and deepen our joy in moments of celebration. Reconstructionist communities emphasize acts of social justice alongside prayer and study as an essential part of their spiritual practice, affirming that religion must be a force for promoting communal discussion about ethics and values.

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