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Drops of Torah from our members (2021-22 / 5782)

We all have the capacity to share our wisdom and reflections about the Torah texts we read each week. The Congregation Beth Israel Drops of Torah project provides an opportunity for people to share a brief reflection or short insight about the week's Torah portion. These short pieces are written by our members with support from our rabbis (as needed). Our plan is to have members reflect on 1/9 of a Torah portion each week so that in nine years we will have commented on the whole Torah! Beth Israel follows the Israeli Torah reading calendar which sometimes differs from the Conservative and Orthodox Torah reading calendar outside of Israel but will always sync up before the end of the Torah reading year. Consider signing up for a drop of Torah. For more information, contact Rabbi Nathan Martin.

Drops of Torah from Prior Years

  1. Bereishit by the Rabbis
  2. Noah by Julian Yates
  3. Lech Lecha by Randy Tiffany
  4. Vayera by Lynn Cashell
  5. Hayyei Sarah by Larry Hamermesh
  6.  by Rabbi Nathan
  7. Vayetze by Emma Lefkowitz
  8. Vayishlach by Rachel Gornstein
  9. Thanksgiving "A Prayer of Gratitude from the Lakota Sioux Nation"
  10. Vayigash by Randi Raskin Nash
  11. Vayehi by Amy Strauss
  12. Shemot
  13. Vaera by Miriam Sigler
Bereishit (Genesis 1:1-19) by (Return to Top)
Fri, January 21 2022 19 Shevat 5782