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Essence of Elul: Offerings from Beth Israel Members

From time to time during Elul, we shared recordings of members reflecting thoughts about the themes of the High Holy Days (God as sovereign, new beginnings, teshuvah, making amends, cleaning the slate, being better). These short recordings might be in the form of spoken narrative, music, poetry, dance, visual art, or other forms of expression. They were also shared as part of the weekly emails. 

Recordings (click to view/listen):
  1. Larry Hamermesh
  2. Joyce Romoff
  3. Marion Hamermesh
  4. Meira
  5. Amy Strauss
  6. Allan Feldman
  7. Katie Sibley
  8. Laura Lee Blechner
  9. Lynn Cashell
  10. Selichot Changing of Vestments with Lynn and David Cashell and Susan Meyer


Shofar: A Wake Up Call

Larry Hamermesh, with welcome by Laura Lee Blechner

"The Day Has Come" by Jack Riemer, read by Joyce Romoff



Turning Mourning Into Joy by Marion Hamermesh

Meira sings an original tune for R'shut L'chol Adam (p. 12 in Machzor). It reminds her that she is not simply a pawn in the workings of the world, that she can make the choice to change things. "That I can choose to make my life, and this world, a better place."

 Amy Strauss shares a poem: "Social Justice Tashlikh Prayer" by Rakhel Silverman

 Allan Feldman reading his original poem "God Is Nature" 


 Memory as History by Katie Sibley

Laura Lee Blechner shares a lively Rosh Hashanah video by the Maccabeats "Bashana Haba'a" LLB is a Maccabeats groupie and dragged her entire family to see them perform at the Philadelphia Limmud concert a number of years ago. Enjoy the video!

 Lynn Cashell reading "A New Year Begins" by Alden Solovy, along with her remarks for the New Year



Prayer Package Shofar Blowing by LLB

 Selichot Changing of Vestments with Lynn and David Cashell and Susan Meyer

Fri, June 21 2024 15 Sivan 5784