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From MISHKAN to MAKOM: Studies with R. Richard Hirsh-March and April 2016

Rabbi Richard Hirsch: From Mishkan to Makom: Changing Jewish Ideas of God's Presence
March 30, April 6, April 13, 2016

Jewish tradition travels a long arc from imagining God's presence confined to a small portable sanctuary ("mishkan" or "tabernacle") to the rabbinic idea that one name for God is "makom" or "Place" --  as in "God is in every place." We will trace the development as well as the debates about where, how, and if the presence of God can be invited, invoked and experienced. We will look at the traditions and tensions in the texts about the ancient Israelite Temples, the polarity of homeland and dispersion, and the myths and metaphors about God's presence as both an external and internal awareness.

Written Materials (first and second sessions)
Written Materials (third sesson)
Link to Mordecai Kaplan's poem (third session)
Class materials  (pictures of the Mishkan for session II and III)
First Session Audio -March 30, 2016
Second Session Audio -April 6, 2016
Third Session Audio-April 13, 2016




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