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July 1, 2019


Rabbi Linda Potemken

Do you slow down in the summer? If not, I want to encourage you to find a way to do so. One of the best ways to keep equanimity in the face of turbulence is to practice mindfulness. While this is frequently interpreted as meditation - a worthwhile practice - it can also refer to the simple acts of pacing ourselves, limiting multi-tasking and being more present to each moment. Stepping into the restfulness of Shabbat, taking more time in nature, or just moving through each day more slowly with lots of deep breaths, can change how we feel and help to clarify our thoughts.

I'm grateful to Rabbi Nathan for writing about his experience in Washington last month. The work that he raises up, the work of tikkun olam, is best offered by us when we are calmer, clearer and more centered. So let's slow down a tad this summer, if at all possible. Let's see where mindfulness takes us. Come the Fall, Rabbi Nathan and I will offer opportunities to explore contemporary issues through a Jewish lens and also opportunities to cultivate these strategies of mindfulness.

Happy Summer to all!

Mon, May 23 2022 22 Iyyar 5782