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Come on board: There is much to celebrate in our Jewish journey

October 15, 2015


Just two weeks after we enjoyed the delightful festival of Sukkot our congregation created another occasion for joyful celebrating " the first Beth Israel Gala. This gathering was special in so many ways. I am enormously grateful to have my 18th anniversary with our community marked in such an uplifting manner. Thank you all for that!! What an achievement for any congregation to have sustained a relationship that has stood the test of time! I was equally moved to welcome Rabbi Nathan Martin, our first Associate Rabbi, who was quite delighted to celebrate with his new community in this way.

Many of us enjoyed the way in which we “cleaned up” so nicely as we dressed up for the occasion. We had such fun together. The lovely venue, the food, the camaraderie, the wonderful speeches, the formal dress in an informal, playful atmosphere all contributed to a great evening.

Most of all, it was a beautiful celebration of our community. Congregation Beth Israel is good at creating multiple opportunities for people to gather in meaningful and comforting ways. Whether one comes to the Gala, comes to more informal potluck Shabbat meals, attends services or classes or movie nights or committee projects " there are multiple opportunities to engage with interesting people of all ages. This truly is a welcoming Jewish community that embraces all comers. We are part of a long tradition in Judaism that places the emphasis on community as the organizing structure of Jewish life.

Isn't it wonderful that our religious and moral path includes " no, insists " on weaving joy, celebration and schmoozing into the Jewish journey? It does. Come on board. There is so much more to share.

Wed, June 7 2023 18 Sivan 5783