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Preparing for Shavuot

May 28, 2017


Our next holiday, Shavuot, involves a special type of preparation.  This major festival celebrates the giving of the Torah and we have been counting toward that observance since the 2nd night of Pesach for 7 weeks, or as we say in Hebrew,  sheva Shavuot!  (Shavuot means  weeks).   The premise of Shavuot is that we become vessels for God and Torah.   How might we do that?

Torah study, prayer and meditation seem like three obvious answers but this year I want to suggest a fourth - cultivating curiosity.  If we can live life from a position of openness, from a position of curiosity about ourselves, about others and about the various challenges that life offers, then we are inviting in invaluable wisdom and learning. Shavuot is known as one of the “Sh'losh Regelim” or pilgrimage festivals.   The Hebrew word "regel" means foot, reminding us that this sacred festival was once observed through a physical journey, but, in this era, the journey is inward.  It is a time to connect to your soul, to that which is your deepest truth and to the Torah, the learning and the connections that await you.

Celebrate with Beth Israel on May 30th. We will eat, learn and pray in a joyous manner. Our prayer will also embrace sacred remembrances of those who have departed earth  " a time for Yizkor.  And if you are able, take time these last days before Shavuot to cultivate openness and curiosity, to make space for the messages that are uniquely yours to receive.

Sat, July 2 2022 3 Tammuz 5782