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News from the Hebrew School

Sunday 10/17/2019 
Sukkah Fest was on - If you missed this organized mess - your loss! :)


Our Day started with a service with Rabbi Nathan, teaching us about Hosha'anot - and us practicing it in the sanctuary. we then split into two groups - some of us went to Linvilla to collect corn stalks for the Sukkah's roof, when other students stayed and made the longest Sukkah chain decoration that was ever seen in Beth Israel! We needed a teacher and 5 students to help us carry it to the sukkah and hang it! :) 


After the Sukkah was built, we all decorated it together, and enjoyed a yummy Pizza lunch as a community - there is no better reward like pizza after such hard work! 

We want to thank all the amazing adults that helped with putting up the Sukkah, bringing stalks and guiding the students through the process, as well as many thanks to the parents in charge of the pizza lunch (not mentioning names so I won't forget anyone - you know who you are, superstars ;) ) 

From one holiday to another - Join us next week for Simchat Torah Celebration! More details below. 

Look Forward to...

10/20/2019 - Simcaht Torah Celebration 
Hebrew School is meeting at 4 PM 
We will not have Hebrew School in the AM - but we will meet for one learning session at 4 PM, when at 5:15 PM we will join the Beth Israel Community for a potluck dinner and Simchat Torah Celebration  

10/27/2019 - Dorot Day 
Water Water Everywhere 
This coming Dorot Day will be a splashy one!  Rabbi Nathan will be connecting us to the Jewish take on water, while Shoshana Gottlieb will experiment with us about water pollution - What to learn more about it? Don't miss out! 
We always start with nosh and Havdalah service, then we dive into intergenerational learning, continue with adult learning separated from students learning, and finish with electives. 

11/03/2019 - Hebrew School 
Regular day dedicated for Hebrew learning

11/09/2019 - Hebrew School Shabbat 
Our first Hebrew School Shabbat of the year! here is a chance to practice what you learn in Hebrew lessons and use your Siddur skills.  Parents - please join your kids, especially if they are learning for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah! 

Tue, June 22 2021 12 Tammuz 5781